Ten Years of Discovery

“Home, is it a geographical place? Is it a physical place? It means something different for so many people.”

They are a choir that is trying to define the word “home”.

Made up of almost 20 different nationalities, the Discovery Gospel Choir meets every three weeks at St George’s and St Thomas’ Church on Cathal Brugha Street in Dublin City Centre. Honestly, blink and you’d miss the place.

The diverse group is celebrating its 10th birthday this year with a special concert at Christchurch Cathedral this Saturday (15/3). You can get tickets anseo for a reasonable €12.

So, pop in your headphones and listen to the guys in action…


I’ve also had the chance to produce a multi-media version of the story on an app called Storehouse.

I loved getting creative for this report and I think it really adds another exciting and visual dimension to the story.

However, you can only create your Storehouse piece on an iPad at the moment, but hopefully it will become available on a wider scale soon.

Anyways, fingers crossed I’ll get the opportunity to do more reports like this and that they only get better as time goes on.

You can check it out here.


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