Will they be Bach?

On a cold, miserable, snowy evening in March (something doesn’t sound right there); I bounced over to Griffith College, Dublin to take a sneaky look behind the scenes of something surprisingly unique.

The RTÉ Philharmonic Choir were warming up vocal chords (and toes) waiting to rehearse Bach’s St John Passion with RTÉ’s National Symphony Orchestra for the first time. It was all ahead of their performance in the National Concert Hall this afternoon.

Performing on a Good Friday seems to be a first for the National Symphony Orchestra; so luckily, I got an opportunity to stalk the shadows with a microphone for RTÉ’s Morning Ireland.

Here’s what happened as both groups discovered how the music slots together…

Needless to say the performance today was flawless, moving and special. I’m not one who would usually delve into religion and spirituality, but I definitely felt something. However, that feeling was soon washed away with a giant beef burger from Bobo’s and a glass of white wine at home. Anyways, here’s hoping they’ll be Bach next year (sorry).


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